Top Five California Burritos in Escondido

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Top Five California Burritos in Escondido

California Burritos are one of Southern California’s delicacies. A large burrito typically contains carne asada, french fries, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and pico. Here is a list of the top five California burritos in Escondido based on price, quality, quantity, and convenience.


  1. Jilberto’s

One of the best things Jilberto’s has going on is the location. It sits near Starbucks and the movie theater on Valley Pkwy and Escondido Blvd. Their burritos are $6.99 and are pretty large, but they do charge extra for guacamole. On Yelp, they have 3.5 stars, but the negative reviews stem more from long wait times and their subpar horchata. This is a great place to get a California burrito on your way home from class and have a few extra bucks to spend.


  1. Alberto’s

These burritos are very similar in size and taste to Jilberto’s. They are priced similar, but also charge extra for guacamole. It is closer to Latitude, but walking there at night has its risks, due to the more prominent homeless population north of Washington Avenue. They have 3 stars on Yelp due to hit or miss customer service and the general aesthetic. They do not have an inside seating area, but they do have a few picnic tables out front. They also have a drive through. Another convenient thing about Alberto’s is that they are open 24-hours a day. If you are craving a California burrito late at night and don’t have a car, grab a buddy and go to Alberto’s.


  1. Sayulita’s

Sayulita’s is a place known for more creative combinations including Hot Cheetos and Spam. It is newer to Escondido, but is quickly becoming a popular staple. Their burritos are massive and could easily feed someone for at least two meals, which makes the price worth it. These burritos are about $7.50 and guacamole is extra. Sayulita’s is located south of the school, in the opposite direction of Latitude, but it is still only 10 minute walk from the school. This is a great option if you are looking to split a burrito with a friend.


  1. TJ’s

TJs has been known to be the best taco place in Escondido, or according to some, in North County, but their burritos are also bomb. These $8 bombs of flavor are massive and could last a few meals. They are open late, but a little bit too far to walk. They have 4.5 stars on Yelp. One of the stand-out attributes is the flavor of the meat. This place is very authentic and you can see women rolling out the tortillas in the back. Since it is a local favorite, it is great place to take someone visiting.


  1. La Takiza

For the best California Burrito in Escondido, I am going to say it is La Takiza. This hidden gem is located next to the Autozone in the same parking lot as Northgate Marketplace. It well within walking distance from Latitude. Their California burritos are $6, but they are more flavorful than any of the other places. They are decently sized, but can get pretty messy. Make sure you have a couple napkins on hand.


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