Professor Scoggins Comes on Full Time

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Professor Scoggins Comes on Full Time

by JP Huckins

Nathan Scoggins, Professor of Film, is now full time at JPCatholic. He said the transition from part time to full time “…isn’t a huge shift in terms of [his] commitment — practically speaking it means an extra half-day a week.”

He continued, saying the extra half day will be helpful not only for him but for the students as well, “It’s been hard to schedule meetings or info sessions or independent studies or other things given that I’ve usually arrived at noon and then taught classes straight through until 9pm.” The extra day will allow him to be more available to students. “I’ll be able to spend some more time being engaged in helping and meeting… students who need some time or attention.”

Professor Scoggins is especially excited because of the work of the most recent JPCatholic graduating class. “The most recent senior projects process was the most successful yet, and I think that students want to keep working at that level. I’m excited to continue to supervise senior projects and encourage and cultivate that work.” Professor Scoggins went on to say that he is excited for the JPCatholic alumni who will continue to move to LA. “I’m also proud of the fact that alumni in LA are starting to build more community together as well, and I think that will continue to be an important aspect of building not just a [film] program but a community.”

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