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School Renovations Cause Questions

by Theresa Girard

Returning students walked into the 155 building at the start of this quarter and met with some interior design changes. 

Ever since JPCatholic turned what was once a museum into a school building, they have strived to have the interior design match the creativity of the students. Lidy Connolly, Vice President of Administration, states, “The museum had these big, colorful, solid walls of color, and so being an art school we thought we’d have color as opposed to beige colored walls.” The new mural in the downstairs hallway, painted by alumnus Caitlin Nolan, was a way of using space in the school as a creative outlet. “We’re looking at other students doing other things like that”, says Mrs. Connolly, and added if students have other ideas for blank walls, they can talk to Professor Max Hulburt or Kevin Meziere, Vice President of Technology and Real Estate. “It’s an art school so we are open to quite a bit”, says Mrs. Connolly. 

Students have expressed mixed reactions about the new, colorful carpet and other changes being made. Junior Magely Martinez said, “It’s great that the school wants to refurnish the building, but we students would rather that money be put toward our needs and projects.” Junior Marielle Cuccinelli added, “Personally, I like how it looks. That being said, the students don’t care about what the floor look like; everyone I’ve talked to just sees it as a PR move by the school to appeal to prospective students. The students would much rather that money be spent on new equipment, free k-cups, improved facilities, and better student service – things that are more useful to us.”

Changes are also being made to the library. “There is going to be a much larger, longer table that’s going to be put in there. We are still constructing it and putting it together”, says Mrs. Connolly. New chairs that will replace the leather ones formerly outside of classroom M, are scheduled to arrive Thursday, October 11th. 

The business launch pad will move to former classroom D. The current launch pad space will be repurposed as a lounge, study, and meeting space for business majors.

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