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Changes to SOUL

by Peter Mai

SOUL Campus Apostolate has introduced a number of changes to how it will approach its ministry on campus, including more events for the student body and an open opportunity to build community with other ministries in the San Diego area.

SOUL has facilitated a desire for the community to put on more events for the student body despite not being a direct source. President of SOUL, Cameron Walton, said these events will be a way to engage others in the JPCatholic student body to grow closer as a community on and off campus.

One change from last quarter is the day for SOUL’s praise and worship nights, moving from Tuesday to Wednesday. Mr. Walton spoke of how this was due to the school course’s schedule. “Last quarter we had a lot of SOUL Members involved in the musical and we saw that becoming a normal thing so we moved it to Tuesday’s hoping we wouldn’t be competing with the practice times. Turns out it was impossible to not compete with them that quarter. This quarter Wednesday’s afforded no clash in the schedule for most members.”

Another outcome of changing SOUL from Tuesday to Wednesday is the opportunity for members of SOUL to attend events put on by ALIGN, a Young Adult Ministry based at the Church of the Resurrection in Escondido. SOUL nights had previously been in conflict with ALIGN events. Now there are opportunities to attend each other’s events. Mr. Walton said this, “I think the first step towards [building community with ALIGN] is really becoming more plugged in with their exhibiting events. So I have cleared my calendar for Tuesday nights in hope to attend some of their bible studies. I welcome anyone else who is interested to join me.”

SOUL’s theme for this quarter is “The Church Triumphant,” which focuses on the saints. Mr. Walton said this topic will help reach a broad variety of topics SOUL felt students would like to hear and discuss.

SOUL will have their quarterly Metanoia event on November 3rd. Mr. Walton described the event as, “a night of adoration and worship calling our hearts towards greater virtue in our everyday lives”.

For more information about SOUL, reach out to President Cameron Walton or Vice President Jimena Banos.

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