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Featured Artist: Isaac Toche

Joshua Shaffer: Where are you from?

Isaac Toche: I am from Marysville which is near Yuba City in Northern California.

JS: Why did you decide to come to JPCatholic?

IT: I was primarily looking for a post-production major and a business major that would be available at the same school. I looked at several different ones and then I cut them down piece by piece. I ended up keeping JPCatholic as one of them and it was a great fit since I’m Catholic. It all worked out perfectly.

JS: Do you have any specific plans you want to achieve at this school?

IT: One of the biggest things I want to achieve is doing the L.A. quarter. That’s kind of miles ahead of me but I want to see what internship I could get up there.

JS: Why are you so interested in making post-production your future career?

IT: I really like the beauty of it as far as editing. To be able to mess with stuff after it’s done being shot is cool. I’ve done it since I was a kid. My dad taught me a lot of the stuff. I was also able to meet a lot of people like Andrew Kramer, who knew a lot about Adobe which sparked my interest to further pursue post-production.

JS: What kinds of genres would you want to help edit and what stories do you enjoy the most.?

IT: I’m really into several different kinds of genres. Science-fiction and fiction appeal to me a lot. I also like a lot of movies that involve both action and mystery.

JS: Is there anything else you would like the students/faculty to know about you?

IT: I don’t know. I’m a big fan of Star Wars. Oh, a better one is that I used to play competitive soccer.

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