Kyle Lavin Hired as New Activities Coordinator

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Kyle Lavin Hired as New Activities Coordinator

Kyle Lavin, Resident Assistant and Senior at JPCatholic, started work as the new Activities Coordinator at the beginning of this quarter, and the job has since evolved.

The job entails operating the student life equipment closet, similar to how the film equipment room operates. Students will have to sign an agreement, drawn up by Kyle, and receive approval from him and Student Life when checking out equipment. Kyle said, “I can be a student on campus at the event, being present, representing Student Life, and making sure the equipment is being handled safely.” Additionally, Kyle will be running the Student Life Instagram, and helping with retreats, specifically in regards to “the way students react to them and what they’d like to see next time.”

Kyle will also be acting as liaison to Student Government. He clarified, “based off the meeting that I’ve had recently, it was determined that I’m going to be the point person for Student Government in relation to Student Life…I’ll help them to meet deadlines, requirements, expectations under Joe’s supervision.” The plan is that Joe will fade away from meeting with Student Government, and Kyle will be attending their meetings, and reporting back to Joe.

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