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Students Create Actor Reels

by Theresa Girard

Marielle Cuccinelli is taking initiative and teaming up with acting students to solve a problem she thinks is faced by young up-and-coming actors: not having a reel. 

Last quarter, Cuccinelli auditioned actors in LA for her Directing II final and quickly discovered that casting is very difficult when actors do not have a well-made reel. Cuccinelli stated that, “That’s just an immediate turn off. I want to be able to tell from the website if they can act…and a lot of them you couldn’t really tell because they didn’t have a reel or it was like 10 seconds from one shoot.” After realizing that a bad reel is “the most immediate way to not get jobs”, she sought out to help JPCatholic actors by making them reels. Cuccinelli stated, “I wanted to give everyone an opportunity while there are here, in a place that’s so easy to make stuff, to get something to put on their wrist basically.”  

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The work is certainly laid out for Cuccinelli, who is aiming to make about 12 reels in total.  “At any given point I’m in [post-production] with one, production with another, [pre-production] with one. It gets a lot to juggle, and I think the best way for me to ensure quality for each actor is to only work on so many at a time, so I’m only working on about six of them right now.”

Azara Seek, Sophomore acting emphasis, states, “I gained a lot from working with Marielle on this. Before, I had never been on a set where the director’s main focus was the quality of the acting. They are always distracted by the technical aspects and tend to neglect the quality of acting.”

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