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Vision of a Household

by Peter Mai

Austin Schneider, Director of Campus Ministry, has an optimistic vision for renewing commitment and joy in JPCatholic households in the upcoming year.

Schneider describes households as a group of men or women who come together to form a community to grow in Christ together. These households serve as a form of accountability for those who seek it. There are currently six households on campus: Neri House, Men of the Fiat, Daughters of Divine Mercy, Rosa Mystica, Theta Chi Rho, and Laudare et Glorificare.

It is an intentional choice of growth when one joins a household. The biggest obstacle that Schneider sees is a lack of commitment from some members in the households. Often, members do not attend Household Mass or their weekly meetings. “One thing I definitely want to see is renewed commitment and that’s something we have to constantly go back to.”

He also wants to help members find a way to renew the joy in their households that made it attractive to begin with. “[Members] are living out joyfully and there’s something different about them.” Schneider plans on doing more “hands-on formation” and encourage collaboration within households.

“I think it’d be cool to get households together for a community service like [a] works of mercy sort of project.” However, he wants to see the collaboration stem from within each household. He thinks that each of them can bring something creative to the community and uplift campus life.

Schneider sees that many of the heads of households put in the effort to find ways to serve the community on and off campus. “There’s been a real desire amongst the students.” He also noticed the interest in households from freshman, which he hopes will expand the numbers and encourage growth in each household’s mission. “[We’re] helping them to… more fully live out their charisms and ultimately grow as disciples and be a positive force on campus.”

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