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Day of the Dead Altar


Sophomore Mercy Salinas created a Day of the Dead altar outside of the JPCatholic chapel to honor family members and bring a bit of Mexican culture to the school.

Mercy Salinas set up the Dia de los Meurtos altar with the help of SOUL. She said, “I honestly did it because I wanted to bring culture to the school and since everyone really loved the movie Coco, I was like yeah! I also did it because when I asked people if they knew what it was, they said Coco and that irritated me.”

The altar, also called an ofrenda, is used to honor deceased family members. Families put photos on the ofrenda along with their ancestors’ favorite things. There can be music, food, or personal belongings. Sophomore Elisa Litke explained, “It is also thought that it’s the one day of the year that they can come back to this world and you put their favorite food so they can eat it. It’s not a day of mourning, it’s a day of celebration.” Dia de los Meurtos may be tomorrow, but many families celebrate all week. You can add photos of your family to the altar for this celebratory holiday.

Fr. Euletario has shared with article on the church’s stance on the Day of the Dead for more information.  

You can also read our past article where we follow Jimena Banos around Escondido’s Day of the Dead Festival.


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