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Revamping Community Service

by Peter Mai

Director of Campus Ministry Austin Schneider talks about his plans for community service outreach at JPCatholic.

“We have a lot of good things as far as [spirituality] goes but I think as far as community service, that’s definitely something I think we can do more of. Not in the sense that students aren’t willing to do it but as far as organizing [events], that’s something I want to be doing for sure,” said Mr. Schneider.

In previous years, a requirement for the Intellectual Life and Virtue class was to volunteer making breakfast at Interfaith Community Service, located on Quince St. and Washington Ave. in Escondido. With the departure of Dr. John Kincaid, this is no longer required in the current class curriculum.

Mr. Schneider talks about several opportunities with Interfaith. One opportunity is Haven House which is when volunteers cook meals for the homeless. “I think it’s a good thing because it’s a work of mercy, feeding them and providing something that they need but it’s also a chance to sit and talk with [the homeless] and encounter them there. It’s actually important to meet with the people there.”

Additionally, Mr. Schneider wants a more consistent pro-life group and more pro-life services. “I want to revamp that because abortion is a horrible humanitarian crisis.”

Mr. Schneider and Fr. Eleuterio Mireles have also talked about mission trips. Initially, they would start local but would like to build up to international mission trips. “Right now, its just an idea. I think it would probably start more local. The hope would be to one day do something more international.” 

There are various opportunities for students and faculty alike to go out and help members of the community who are less fortunate.

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