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JPCatholic Goes Live

by Peter Mai

Patrick Lynch speaks about his interests in live studio production, how he started the Broadcasting Club and his goal for it with members who join.

Patrick first got into TV broadcasting in high school. When he was able to use a tricaster, he noticed that the student body loved being on the big screen. “People enjoy seeing themselves in that situation so much. There is so much power in live production in the grand scheme of things.”

Patrick originally came to JPCatholic for studio production but thought that the school was lacking in that department. So, he took it upon himself to have a means for practicing live broadcasting outside of a classroom format by broadcasting five events throughout the fall quarter. Events are chosen based on interest in the event. “Whenever we decide what we want to stream, we ask ourselves: would people watch this?” Patrick says that each livestream broadcast is a learning curve for them. He likened it to Directing 1’s weekly project assignments.

There are a total of thirteen members in the club. Members include Magely Martinez, who serves as the head audio technician, also known as A1. Ryan Cain serves as the floor director. Trinity Baines is the assistant director who is in charge of maintaining the stream and running anything behind the scenes. Lana Young is the producer who helps Patrick with everything organization-oriented.

Magely speaks of her experience with Broadcasting Club, “I hope to eventually get the whole routine of how a broadcast system is.” Similar to Patrick’s mindset in participating with the club, she says it’s a learning experience in becoming more efficient with each live stream.

“We care about getting the job done and learning along the way,” says Patrick Lynch.

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