TAC Comes to JPCatholic for Ultimate Frisbee Showdown

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TAC Comes to JPCatholic for Ultimate Frisbee Showdown

by Anna Livia Brady

Thomas Aquinas College meets up with JPCatholic at Coronado Island for the annual Ultimate Frisbee Tournament.

Daniel Sanche, a JPCatholic Alumnus singlehandedly organized the event and arranged for over seventy JPCatholic students to be driven to and from Coronado Island. He told of the inspiration behind the event, “I wanted to organize an event that would showcase what sports have the ability to do. They bring us together in a very unique way. Having an opponent like TAC makes the game more real and meaningful. It was just a friendly game for a good time, but it gave us something to unite behind and strengthen our school identity.” 

At noon, JPCatholic students and alumni arrived and set up camp, some dispersing to collect sand dollars, some donning their custom Pelican jerseys, preparing to face their Santa Paula opponents. An hour or so later, the first of the TAC frisbee team showed up. At around two, the games began.

Nicolas Pape, JPCatholic Junior and president of the Ultimate Team, has been hosting the frisbee practices at Grape Day Park to ready the Pelicans for the tournament. He said, “TAC beat us about fifteen to ten.” 

Although the Pelicans didn’t achieve total victory (rumor has it that TAC’s restrictive wifi policies leave students with more time to practice frisbee), the Fall 2018 JPCU vs TAC Beach Ultimate showdown was truly an occasion not to be tossed up.


All Photos by Brother Dominic Smith: Bro Dominic’s Ultimate Frisbee Photos

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