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Alumni Turned Producer

by Keenan Wostenberg

JPCatholic alumna Erica Kovacic has kicked off her career as a producer and project manager for Silverline Films. Erica shares her post-graduate experience and her journey towards a new chapter in life.

After graduating in September, Erica Kovacic went to Florida to visit family and searched for opportunities in television broadcasting. However, the opportunities found were not in television but in radio. She was unfamiliar with this specific field of media, leading her to search elsewhere.

Just before she had begun her job search she received a phone call from Silverline Films. The post-graduate expressed, “They were looking for a producer and I believe an editor. After being in touch with them for a few months, they hired.”

Silverline Films is a video production and photography company that specializes in producing shows, commercials, promos for sports brands, and any type of off-grid remote guerilla filmmaking.  They have created products for Leupold, Weatherby, Erickson, and many more. Their dedication allows them to travel wherever their clients ask them to go, expanding their services to an international scope.

Erica has been quickly put to work as a producer for Silverline and is very excited about where it is taking her. Erica’s job consists of managing and coordinating within the company. Her job also includes traveling to production sets as well as assisting with editing and coloring in post-production.  She also has begun work on script writing and promo production for sports companies. She is extremely excited about this job and where it will take her. “Producing is one of those jobs in which you are always on the clock. Keeps me on my toes. It’s a good post-graduation job and I’m really enjoying it.”

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