Fashion Design Major: Will It Make the Cut?

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Fashion Design Major: Will It Make the Cut?

by Anna Livia Brady

With the new Musical Theatre emphasis and the ever-growing student body at JPCatholic, it’s no secret that the school is expanding its curriculum and potential degrees. Talk of a BS in Communications Media: Fashion Design is underway.

Martin Harold, Vice President of Admissions at JPCatholic, seems optimistic about the opportunity. “Our mission is to impact culture for Christ through creative arts and business innovation, and fashion certainly fits into the mission. Fashion is a huge cultural sphere. If you’re a Catholic student and want to get into that industry, there isn’t really a Catholic institution that forms young designers to create fashion that respects the dignity of the human person.”

The process of incorporating new majors is both labor and cost intensive, so it’s crucial for the Faculty Senate to thoroughly evaluate each potential emphasis before incorporating it into the curriculum. Harold states that fashion design is only in its developmental stages, with many “key pieces still needing to come together”. For an emphasis to come to be, “we have to find the right people- faculty who are aligned with our mission to “Impact Culture for Christ” and have significant industry experience and talent in the classroom.” The final requirement of legitimization is acquiring “collective buy-in from the Faculty Senate along with sufficient funding to meet facility needs.”

Will the school come together with the proper funds, support, and new faculty to launch Fashion Design? Or any other specific creative field, such as VFX makeup, for that matter?

From the looks of it, time is the only thing standing in the way of this JPCatholic innovation.

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