7/11 Closes and Other Center City Parkway Updates

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7/11 Closes and Other Center City Parkway Updates

This last week, the Senior and Sophomore class bid farewell to the 7-Eleven located on Washington and Centre City Parkway. The store has been a silent savior to the students through many a midterm and final, providing them much needed junk food and energy drinks.

No longer can students brave the late night walk from the secure confines of the Latitude33 community to quench their thirst or sate their hunger with the services offered by the late 7-Eleven; now all evening excursions will be made to the AM-PM on Washington and Escondido Blvd.

Additionally, the large dirt field behind the Escondido inn, off Centre City Parkway, is now a newly developed shopping center, which includes a carwash, The Habit Burger, a new luxury apartment complex, Yoshinoya Sushi, and more yet to be revealed. The new businesses will be welcomed with open arms by students tired of looking at a giant patch of dirt while running on the treadmills in the fifth floor gym at Latitude, and students who now have more places within walking distance to spend money.

The students who have cars will be excited to learn that the construction on Mission Ave is almost completely finished, giving an extra lane on each side of the road and optimizing the turnouts between McDonalds and the new group of businesses adjacent. This will provide smoother flow of traffic in that area, making it even easier to get that McDouble and a large fry during one’s ten minute break from class.

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