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Think Twice about Going Green in College

After twelve months of marijuana being legal in California, reasons for JPCatholic rules against the substance are made clear.

Julia Carrano, former Dean of Students, said, “What do we do when we have large amount of students coming [who have smoked marijuana]…I think what’s becoming an increased issue is that its becoming a norm, and it’s a norm at Latitude.”

California legalized the recreational use of marijuana in the 2016 elections, though the law didn’t take effect until January 1, 2018. As of January 1st, adults over the age of 21 are legally allowed to buy from the many medicinal dispensaries without needing a medicinal prescription card.

According to the State of California’s Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, adults 21 and older can use, carry, purchase and grow cannabis. All cannabis purchases must be made at a dispensary that is licensed by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control. Additionally, it is illegal to sell cannabis unless you are licensed to do so by the same Bureau.

Even though recreational use of cannabis is State legal, cannabis is still a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance under Federal law. Most colleges in the state of California accept monetary aid from the Federal Government and so, they follow this law.

JPCatholic is no exception. This means that the use of cannabis, both medicinal or otherwise, is prohibited on campus or during any school-hosted events under the risk of school and Federal discipline.

Additionally, the university holds students accountable for cannabis use off-campus; their jurisdiction does not end when a student leaves Latitude premises or school property. “The same factors as always, play into that [students breaking rules off-campus]…is it harming the student, is it harming the campus community, is it giving rise to confusion, is it a crime,” said Mrs. Carrano.

According to the Student Handbook, the current “expected” discipline for cannabis or other drugs is expulsion. “Expulsion is the ‘expected’ sanction…that means there might be things that are unexpected. The presumed, normal sanction would be expulsion, but clearly there are going to be other factors which go into whether an expulsion is justified.”

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