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Changes to the PPS

Deb Culbertson and the JPCatholic Administration implement a new form of the Personal Plan for Success system in order to help students grow during their undergraduate studies.

The Personal Plan for Success, PPS for short, is a system designed to help undergraduate students in the areas of the four pillars of Christian formation outlined by Pope John Paul II: human formation, spiritual formation, intellectual formation, and formation for mission. PPS is also used to gauge students’ needs during their time at the university.

Director of Career Services and Student Success Deb Culbertson talks about the changes in PPS during the Fall Quarter. “We changed some of the questions in order to better serve all of our students. We started the new procedure of PPS with freshmen. We now have a series of ten questions and we ask [students] to answer three questions that are most relevant to them.” These questions range from living situations, financial situations, and overall wellness during their time at the university.

This substituted the old format that was started by Dr. Connolly which involved asking students the same questions regarding growth in the four pillars of Christian formation ever quarter. Mrs. Culbertson says the new questionnaire gives students more control over what they want to discuss with their faculty advisor.

“From both students and faculty, it’s been a very positive experience,” says Mrs. Culbertson. She also spoke about wanting students to sit down and reflect on areas where they have been growing when filling out the questionnaire. She continues that they will be open to changing PPS questions in order to meet the needs of students.

The reason for changing the system was due to students voicing that PPS wasn’t a relevant or useful tool for them during advisory meetings. “[Students] didn’t really like it. They weren’t getting anything out of it and that was the exact opposite of what we were hoping for.” The new PPS system has been a joint administrative-faculty project for the past year.

Professor Angie Bitsko spoke about the positive effects she has experienced with PPS. “I really loved that the students were given a choice.” With the amount and range of questions, Professor Bitsko notes how herself and faculty are able to help guide students even if they don’t have specific answers ready. “I felt that the advisory meetings were just more effective, at least from my perspective this quarter.”

The new system will be available to all students next quarter.


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