Guitars, Kazoos, and Other Sensations: Coffee House 2018

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Guitars, Kazoos, and Other Sensations: Coffee House 2018

This past Sunday, JPCatholic celebrated the annual Coffee House, an event run by Student Government which showcases the often hidden talents of fellow classmates.

Coffee House, hosted in the soundstage, boasted an inviting atmosphere as the ever-growing broadcasting team live streamed the program, starting with the improv group giving a hilarious pre-show. 

With Mr. Rick Smith’s starting performance of a kazoo rendition of “My Heart Will Go On”, audience members were left both pleasantly surprised and slightly anxious as to the nature of the acts to follow.

Throughout the night the audience was presented with a variety of acts including original pieces, such as those sung by Sophie Flemings, Neil McDonough, and Mike Gillman, along with renditions of songs and some lively self-constructed choreographed acts. The event started at seven (or was meant to) and lasted until almost eleven. The longevity may have been due to some technical difficulties or the lack of time limits on performances.

Perhaps for continuity’s sake, either keeping Coffee House to one specific genre, such as having an instrumental or vocal music night only with a pre-show before, or hosting auditions could pack in more quality per minute, with any other performers perfecting their craft before Open Mic Night.

But overall, despite any aforementioned glitches, this year’s Coffee House was a delight before Dead Week.

For the full livestream, click here: Coffee House Livestream


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All Photos by Connor McLaughlin


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