Chaldean Sisters Dissolve

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Chaldean Sisters Dissolve

After twelve years of service, the Chaldean Sisters, Workers of the Vineyard, officially dissolved on Monday, January 14th.

Sister Tarbytha, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry at JPCatholic, and Sister Anahyd  taught classes and provided spiritual direction for many of the students at JPCatholic. Austin Schneider, Director of Campus Ministry, said, “the role that they played was big…we definitely want to fill that role.”

Whether Sister Tarbytha or Sister Anahyd, now Madlain Arabo, will continue in their respective capacities at JPCatholic remains to be seen. Schneider said, “I’d love to keep them on… [its] figuring out what her [their] next steps are, and respecting that.”

The Pelican News will report further on the story in the coming weeks.

Chaldean Sisters:



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