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Europe Trip Still Happening

JPCatholic’s annual Europe Trip is still happening despite changes in the itinerary and a low number of registered students.

At an informational meeting on January 9th, there wasn’t yet a plan on where the group would go. London was taken off the list, replaced by Florence, and students were told that many of the museums were off the itinerary as well, because of pricing.

Lana Young, Senior at JPCatholic and interested in the trip, said, “It was pretty clear this wasn’t the trip I signed up for. It was unorganized and just a big stress that I didn’t really want to have to deal with. Originally the trip was supposed to be London, Rome, then Ireland. But when we got to the meeting the plan had changed.”

After that meeting, the thirteen people interested, eight less then the original required amount, quickly lowered to three. Kate McDonald, a student interested in the trip, said, “I just thought it was a lot of traveling. We were going to be taking like four or five flights I think and that seemed like a lot in fourteen days.”

Despite the low numbers, Max Hulburt, leading the group with Dr. Connolly, said the trip will happen regardless of the number of students attending. The approximate two thousand dollar cost is slated to remain the same.

The trip’s itinerary has been confirmed to visit Rome, Florence, and Rosscarbery. It will run from March 17th to the 30th.

Students have until Friday, January 18th to pay the deposit. Contact Max Hulburt at for more information.



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