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Photojournalist Speaking at JPCatholic Tonight

by Cameron Walton

The Photographer’s Eye Gallery, on Grand Ave, in association with JPCatholic, is hosting a lecture by the photojournalist Don Bartletti. Bartletti is the creator of the Pulitzer prize winning series “Enrique’s Journey” which will be the focus of his lecture on January 17th, at 7p.m. 

“Enrique’s Journey” follows the story of a boy who migrated from Honduras to America in search of his Mother and the opportunity of a new life. His series strives to bring a deeper awareness to the multifaceted issues the United States and other nations currently face in the increasing amount of migration between countries.

Though his lecture will primarily focus on the story of “Enrique’s Journey”, Bartletti will also be speaking briefly about his own career in the journalism industry. 

This event will be taking place on Thursday, January 17th from 7 – 9 pm in Classroom M. We invite all to join us to enjoy this unique opportunity to be inspired by Don Bartletti’s firsthand experience and work.

For those students interested in the event, there are free seats available. Contact Deb Culbertson to reserve a seat. Otherwise, there is a $7 reservation of your seat online through the Gallery’s website, or purchase a seat for $10 at the door.

For information or tickets go to the Photographers Eye: Gallery website. Tickets

Students: Contact Deb Culbertson for a seat reservation.

If you would like to experience Don Bartletti’s work as well as others, Enrique’s Journey will be on display in The Photographer’s Eye Gallery from January 12 through February 23, 2019. Gallery Hours: 11-5p.m. Thurs, Fri & Sat

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