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A Voice for JPCatholic Women

by Keenan Wostenberg

Nicol Sperling takes on her new role in Women’s Ministry at JPCatholic to create a stronger community for women.

When asked what her position was, Nicol said. “I’m working with Austin, Fr. Eleuterio, and Jonathan for Residential Life stuff. We want to hold different events for the women on campus, whether that be a bible study, hiking, or even a coordinated sleepover event. It’s a ministerial position. It’s really to foster community.”

A strong community has always been a desire for students and staff at JPCatholic. Nicol said, “When Jonathan was a student we started a men’s and women’s group and it went very well and the Connolly’s liked it. When Jonathan was hired, the Connolly’s realized there was a need for the women here on campus so they offered me a position.”

When asked what difficulties she plans on addressing Nicol said, “Coordinating everyone’s schedules. Everybody is all over the place due to the nature of this school. I want to make sure I’m going to be offering different functions so that I can make sure all the women are involved.”

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