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Featured Artist: Kevin Stutzke

by Gabriel Zanoff

Kevin Stutzke is an acting emphasis from La Miranda, CA who expresses himself through his poetry, sculpting, and acting.

GZ: When did you start writing poetry and how did you become interested?

KS: I started writing when I was younger, stopped for a bit, then I resumed my freshman year at junior college. I use it as an outlet for contemplation.

GZ: Do you have some sort of regular routine when it comes to writing?

KS: I do write almost every day, but not always poetry since college takes up a good amount of time. I’ve found that my better work comes after I don’t write for a little bit, then an event occurs in my life, prompting me to contemplate through the outlet of my poetry.

GZ: Is poetry more like a reaction you have, instead of you just pulling ideas from thin air?

KS: Yeah exactly, it helps me to remove myself from a situation and think things through as if I were a character in a movie. Whether I find answers or not, I think that’s typically where my best work comes from.


GZ: Do you ever get stuck trying to figure out one poem?

KS: Yeah, sometimes I’ll have ideas on a subject, but it just won’t translate to the page well. That’s when I will try to write every day, as a way to work through those ideas. Many times, my poems are also combinations of ones I’d written during a certain time period and all add up to a central theme.

GZ: Who are some of your inspirations/ influences?

KS: Phil Kaye, Sarah Kay, Shane Koyczan, Billy Collins and Guante are some of my favorite spoken word poets at the moment. Guante’s work almost made me stop writing poetry at one point. His work spoke to me so well, I didn’t feel the need to write anymore.

GZ: You perform your poems as well, what is that like?

KS: When I read my poems to people, I don’t want them to be distracted by my performance. My goal is for the tone of my voice to match the poem so well that the audience thinks about the content and has a chance to connect to it on a personal level.

GZ: Do you have any other forms of creative expression?

KS: I also sculpt and act. They help balance myself out. I love acting for the community and for sculpting I just enjoy working with my hands.


GZ: Do you think your creativity comes from being skilled in the mediums you express yourself through, or do you think it’s more the result of you yearning to express your experiences and these avenues made the most sense?

KS: Yeah, through trying other forms of art these are what I’ve found to work the best for me. I feel that as long as an artist is dedicated to creating, the medium can change as long as they dedicate themselves to it; Similar to how DaVinci was a great painter and inventor. Many times, my art represent similar themes, but they’re just presented differently. I think it’s an artist’s job to diversify the way they express themselves and not to confine their expression.

GZ: What are your current projects when it comes to poetry?

KS: I’m currently working on a poetry album, which would consist of multiple small poems with a continuous story arch, adding up to one epic poem. It focuses on the growth from infatuation, the loss of that infatuation, and how that experience allows for the understanding of true love. The title is Road to Agape, I’m working on recording it this quarter and plan to release it in the summer.


GZ: Is there a place we can go to view some of your work?

KS: I don’t have any recordings out currently, but you can see my performance from the most recent coffee house here.

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