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JPCatholic Parking Rules

by Garrick Shaffer

According to the JPCatholic website and Student Handbook, parking for students, staff, and faculty is prohibited at all times on Grand Avenue.

When asked about this rule, Escondido City Manager, Jeffrey Epp, explained, “The university and city agreed to Conditions No.5 and No. 12. Condition No. 12 is the condition which requires the university to regulate parking on Grand Avenue.”

He continued, “The restrictions which you [students] are subject to appear to arise out of the permits for the university to locate and open in the downtown area of Grand Avenue when it first commenced operations. Among the many land use considerations taken into account with locating a university downtown, one significant and obvious issue would have been parking.”

He added that JPCatholic’s parking regulations are equivalent to every other downtown college he’s seen.

A representative from the Escondido Traffic Department said if it’s legal parking, students should be okay. “If it says two hour parking and you’re there for the right amount of time, you’re going to be fine.” If choosing to park in front of a business, he recommends keeping the receipt to prove one wasn’t parking for class.

Even with this recommendation, students are still subject to school regulation.

Parking is available to students at the California Center for the Arts parking lot near the corner of Escondido Blvd. and Woodward Ave, a half-mile walk from campus. H. Johnson building parking is also open, although the lot tends to fill quickly with both students and employees of nearby businesses. 

When asked about the possibility of the H. Johnson parking lot being turned into student-only parking, Dr. Connolly replied, “It is either open to everyone or it is closed.”

He continued, “Making it student-only would require very expensive upgrades to the lots, which we will make in the future when the Johnson Building is renovated. We would prefer not to make them now.”

In regards to the plans for the future of the parking lot, Dr. Connolly said, “Real exciting stuff like managing water run-off, which will require trees and a reduction of the number of parking spaces. Also, critical stuff like handicapped parking spots; new surfacing and lines; gated access; Better defined entrance and exits.”

For the time being, the parking situation will remain the same. Once the H. Johnson building is renovated, students will have exclusive parking next to campus.

For more info: JPCatholic Parking.

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