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Professor Camden’s Status

by Rich Smith

Scott Camden, Adjunct Professor of Theology, is not teaching  classes at JPCatholic this quarter, neither is he teaching next quarter.

“This quarter [winter quarter], based on past student input, we hired a married theologian to teach Marriage & Family,” Dr. Connolly said. “Generally, the student evaluations influence adjunct hiring decisions.” 

As an adjunct professor, Prof. Camden teaches when the school has classes available to him. Currently, Prof. Camden continues his primary work as Music Ministry Leader at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

When asked about the state of theology classes at JPCatholic, Prof. Camden said, “The best part of teaching was interacting with students who went beyond approaching theology as a set of courses to pass, and instead took those classes as an opportunity to grow in love and understanding of their faith.”

He continued, “My biggest fear for the school is that it could reduce theology as a mere ‘utility’ for art. What I mean is, at the practical and curricular level, all theology classes would be set to have some media payoff or assignment. While there is undoubtedly a critical cross-pollination between the arts and theology, and one that the school currently succeeds in cultivating, I am fearful that the theology classes could eventually only be seen as ‘useful for student projects’.”

He continued, “Not every theology class needs to have some payoff in a different discipline… Studying theology is a worthwhile pursuit regardless of whether or not it ever affects one’s art. Although, in the best circumstance, it does.” .

Neither Dr. Connolly nor Prof. Camden commented on Professor Camden’s absence for the 2019 Spring Quarter.

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