New RA’s Bring Extended Hours to Common Rooms

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New RA’s Bring Extended Hours to Common Rooms

With the addition of four new Resident Assistants, the St. Jude and the Perch are now open for extended hours during the weekdays and the weekends to provide more study and social spaces for JPCatholic students.

The new hours are as follows:

St. Jude:                                                    

12p.m. – 5p.m. Monday – Thursday                                       

7p.m. – 12a.m. Sunday – Friday

The Perch:

7p.m. – 12a.m. Sunday – Thursday

7p.m. – 1a.m. Friday and Saturday

12p.m. – 5p.m. Friday and Saturday 

Jonathan Sperling, Residential Director, primarily wanted to hire additional RAs “so that every section of students was more evenly grouped and could have more interaction with their RA.” With the resignation of Kyle Lavin from Resident Assistant, they decided to add four.

The additional RAs hired at the beginning of the Winter Quarter were Ella Negri, Matthew Middendorf, Clare Schmidt, and Thomas Barrows.

Mr. Sperling continued, “An additional benefit of having more RAs was being able to add hours to both common rooms.”

Nancy Gossin, Resident Assistant, said the new hours provide students with more “places to hang out during the day to cook together or watch movies.” According to her, the additional time and space was something students wanted, and was something “doable and understandable. So the Residential Life department made it happen.”

Sophia Flemmings, Resident Assistant, added, “It’s nice that on Fridays and Saturdays students can hang out together during the day in a space that is comfortable and relaxed.”

With the additional hours, there is more access to any residential help the students need. Magely Martinez noted this, “We’re always having some kind of trouble and now we can get better access to help.”

Although she was happy to see the extended hours, Miss Martinez admitted that “It’s not the same going to the Perch or Student Life Center where you’re not as comfortable as you are in your own home.”

Even though the change was not a direct response to student complaints about the inter-visitation policy, Jonathan Sperling still hopes it will “alleviate some of the students’ frustrations” about the policy.

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