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Bike Theft at JPCatholic

Multiple JPCatholic students have recently become victims of bicycle theft.

When asked about the theft of her bicycle, Rocío Fuentes replied, “My bike was stolen on January 29th from the bike rack outside of the SLC. It did have a lock. I just bought a new one a week ago… and a bigger lock. Hopefully it won’t happen again.” Similarly, Kaitlyn Krikorian said her bike, “was stolen from Smart and Final a few weeks ago in the evening. It was locked.” Derek Knoeferl’s bike was stolen this quarter as well. He said, “It [his bike] was stolen about a month ago. It was locked right next to the SLC from 3pm-7pm. Whoever stole it left the wheel that was still chained.”

When asked about JPCatholic’s protocol and recommended precautions for bicycle theft, Dr. Connolly commented, “Stolen bikes are sadly around as long as there have been bikes. Best advise – get very strong locks and park in high foot traffic place.”

If a bike is stolen at the designated bike parking spots outside of the Student Life Center, the security cameras may have caught an image of the robber. Ask Shannon Doran or Kevin Meziere to possibly see the footage.

Posting on the JPCatholic Student Life page will also allow for students to keep an eye out for the stolen bike. If someone sees it, call the Escondido police to report it.

Strong locks are a worthwhile investment as not all bicycle locks are created equally. There are locks available that are constructed out of thick hardened steel that can withstand bolt-cutters.

According to, the safest bicycle lock of 2018 is the Abus Granit X-Plus 540. It is a “U” shaped lock made out of 13mm hardened steel and is available on for $127.99.

The Escondido Police Department recommends that bicycles are always locked securely. Furthermore, they recommend that bicycle owners record the serial numbers and engrave the frames of their bicycles with their Driver’s License or ID card numbers. 

According to the National Bike Registry, FBI statistics show that bicycle theft is on the rise and that it is estimated that 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year in the U.S.

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