Leggings Still Aren’t Pants

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Leggings Still Aren’t Pants

A recent panel discussion led by Lidy Connolly will bring revisions and clarifications to the current dress code.

No official revisions have been made to dress code in the Student Handbook as of yet.

One of the proposed changes was having separate dress codes for school and Latitude33.

The women on the panel emphasized that leggings cannot be worn alone, but proposed that shorts can be worn over them to make it up to Dress Code standard. One suggestion was that leggings can be worn with a long shirt, sweater, or dress that reaches the end of one’s finger tips. This would include when one is at the gym. 

The current Dress Code rule states that spandex pants like leggings cannot be worn. 

There is no set date for when the revised dress code will be published. 

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