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Video Games Bring Students Together

William Bentz, a JPCatholic student, impacts the university community by hosting Super Smash Bros. matches up to four times a week in the Student Life Center.

“Some of the best moments are when we’re bursting out in laughter—like when someone pulls off a ridiculous move, or when we’re making jokes about the game’s characters,” William Bentz said about his matches that take place every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 12:30pm-1:30pm.

Bentz says that even though the events are hosted frequently with regular attendees, “There’s always someone [new] who wants to play, and there’s been a surprising increase in turn out lately”.

He states that the events are largely to help “cultivate a social life”. He continued that, “A game like Smash removes certain cognitive and cultural barriers” that he and others may have, allowing them to get to know each other.

As a result, the regular sessions have helped contribute to the university community. “It was a very deliberate choice to do this at the Student Life Center in the middle of the day, because that’s when the student body is actually gathered.” Bentz said. “With an event like Smash, which is happening frequently throughout the week, people can casually drop in or drop out whenever they have a free period.” This aims to combat the pitfalls of “once-a-week events”. Students aren’t asked to make any sort of commitment.

“I just popped in the SLC and they were playing, so I joined,” says Pablo Sotelo. Ruvianne Mercado also commented, “You need breaks from a hectic week and a game like Smash Bros definitely lets people have a break from it all.”

“I’m also considering hosting a different game on certain days, and maybe having an actual Smash tournament soon,” said Bentz. As he continues his sessions, keep an eye out for his posts on the Student Life Facebook page or just stop by the Student Life Center when he’s hosting a match.

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