Members of Cabinet Asked to Resign

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Members of Cabinet Asked to Resign

Last week, Student Government President Grace Reding, Vice-President Neil McDonough, and Historian Sophia Flemings were asked to resign from their respective offices because of infractions on Student Life policies, according to Lidy Connolly.

The document given to them gave two options, to resign from office or be impeached. McDonough signed the promise to resign. He said, “I’m resigning as a student Vice-President official.”

The resignations come amidst confusion over which Student Government Constitution was ratified.

The constitution mentioned in The Pelican News’ previous article is not the current Student Government constitution. “[The] document on the web is the current constitution,” said Mrs. Connolly.  She will act as Director of Student Life within that constitution.

Hopefully, elections will be held by the end of the Winter Quarter, said Mrs. Connolly. When they will take place, and how long the elected official’s term will be, remains unclear. In the current constitution, elections are held during Summer Quarter. There is no written procedure for what to do when both the President and Vice-President of Student Government are removed in the middle of their term.

The criteria for running for office remains the same, and can be found within the Student Government Constitution. If there is interest in filling the open positions, Mrs. Connolly asks that students come to her.

The Pelican News did not get a comment from Grace Reding or Sophia Flemings at the time of publication.

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