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Film Club Restructured

Film Club was recently restructured by Christopher Weingart, Marielle Cuccinelli, Sophie Flemings, and Professor George Simon.

“The primary purpose of Film Club is to build community that strives to follow Jesus Christ,” said Professor Simon. The club provides a space for students to work outside of class, and “to have a film they are proud of when they come out on the other end.”

“We want to give students as much hands-on experience outside of class, and Film Club is just an outlet for people that have the drive to do that themselves,” said Cuccinelli.

The new structure of Film Club is staggered with JPCatholic’s quarter system. Cuccinelli commented,“We start half-way through the quarter so people aren’t trying to finish film club projects at the same time as class projects or finals.” 

She explained that the process goes as follows. Once students pitch scripts, there’s a three week approval process. Then, the projects which are green-lit enter into three weeks of pre-production.”That three weeks also includes the break, which makes that four to five weeks,” Cuccinelli added. What follows is “a week for production, three weeks for post, and at the end of the ten week cycle, there’s a Film Club screening.” After that, the process starts over. 

This new structure has some students excited. Magely Martinez, a member of Film Club, said, “I really like the idea that the scripts are approved half-way through the quarter because that gives us a lot of time to improve on the scripts.”

This quarter, six projects of various genres were pitched. It remains to be seen how many projects will be approved. Normally, approximately 5 projects are approved for Film Club. This quarter, production will overlap with senior projects, so it’s likely that fewer projects will be approved.

Each project must be approved by Prof. Simon. “No final decisions have been made about which projects will be greenlit, but I thoroughly enjoyed David Funes’ pitch for the film El Pavo about a Youtube scientist who creates a mutant-killer-turkey, placing his vegan girlfriend in the moral quandary of whether or not to battle El Pavo for her survival.”

Equipment availability, according to Prof. Simon, has nothing to do with whether a project will be green-lit or not. The process is set up so that students will be producing their films on breaks or early in the quarter, when demand for equipment isn’t as high.

Prof. Simon added, “Once a project is greenlit, a determination is made regarding what equipment is appropriate for the project based on the scope and level of experience of the team members.”

Even if you don’t pitch a project, you can assist on the set of that project. If you’re interested in joining Film Club, talk to Prof. Simon or Marielle Cuccinelli.

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