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The Holy 40 Project was founded in 2018 by Fawaz Yasi, a youth minister at St. Mark’s parish in San Marcos. Fawaz is a traditionalist Catholic who began this project as a gateway for others to rid themselves of vice and enter into a life of virtue. 

The goal of the Holy 40 Project is to help all souls eradicate their vices and grow in the opposing virtues. No matter what vocation they fall under, they will be able to instill those virtues onto others in the community and promote holy families, which is the foundation of all society. This project focuses on all 64 virtues. 

The Holy 40 Project is being implemented in three phases. Phase one requires 40 days of tasks that help determine one’s most predominant faults. Phase two takes these faults and through time helps eradicate the vices that cause them. It helps show how the vices lie in excess or defect, and that virtue lies in the mean in relation to all things.

The tools included in the Holy 40 Project are handbooks, podcasts, and videos, which will be available at holy40.com starting March 6, 2019. Phase three is now under construction and will consist of a series of courses created by traditional priests and nuns on various subjects on the spiritual life.

The inspiration behind the Holy 40 Project is the widespread moral decay of the culture and the recent scandals in the church. The Holy 40 Project is targeted toward all laity and clergy. All are welcome and encouraged to participate in this project to reinstate virtue in our society.

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