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Living Without the Freshmen

Jonathan Sperling, Director of Residential Life is seeking to change the current housing situation of students.

Sperling is currently in discussion with Dr. Connolly, President of JPCatholic, and Lidy Connolly, VP of Administration, on a joint decision about having separate upperclassmen and lowerclassmen housing. Jonathan expressed his desire to finalize the new policy of juniors and sophomores living separately from the incoming freshman by early April, when students will register for next year’s housing. This separation will allow for freshman to “grow on their own…without influence from upperclassmen.” Sperling’s desire to change the current format is not on paper.

The motivation for these changes is multifaceted. It is primarily to foster a deeper intimacy within the culture of the school, allowing classmates to fill an entire apartment or townhome with people they know and feel they can grow in community with. It will also allow the freshman to be formed “without a negative influence, or bad habits, from upperclassmen who might be jaded” by their time here.

His proposed structure follows the concept for juniors to have first access to housing registration for seven days. Subsequently, sophomores will be given access for seven days before housing registration is opened to incoming students.

Additionally, Sperling is working to allow Households to live together. Michael Matthews, Men of the Fiat member, said “Living together with household members would put them in proximity to other people they admire and look up to- someone they can reach out to, inspiring a deeper sense of community. There is a depth that comes with people in your household. A common mission, a common drive, impacts those relationships.”

Eva Mangels from Theta Chi Rho commented on her positive experience from rooming with freshman. “It might turn into a missed opportunity to more deeply impact people outside of the household.”

Since nothing has been finalized, students can still voice their opinion and help to create a new standard which will allow for a more favored living situation.

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