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by Keenan Wostenberg

Neri House will be hosting their first film festival on Sunday, March 10th. Neri Co-Head Matthew Middendorf commented, “Joy is the theme, so whether your film is about joy, trying to obtain joy in some form, or even the absence of joy- it’s up to you. It’s really up to the filmmaker to interpret it.”

Neri does not plan on placing any restrictions for the approval of these films. Neri Co-Head Abraham McCloskey said, “All films will be accepted, but we [Neri] will choose the finalists and the people will vote on those finalists. We don’t have any restrictions that we place on the approval of these films.”

The household will give a number of awards to select films. Some categories are Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Director, Audience Favorite, Best PA, and “The JPCatholic Award for Mostest Wholesomest Film”. The vote will be taking place after all films have screened and the winners will receive a surprise prize. Neri has contacted professionals in LA that may be judging the films to give a non-biased opinion.

The household has also confirmed the guest appearance of Fr. Andy who will be making his live-tweeting return, reminiscent of the past senior showcases.

The last two film festivals were planned by Student Life. Moises Mora and Meghan Woodard were the Student Life assistants tasked with organizing the festivals. Mora commented, “It was a fun project, not without its hiccups. However, those who attended had a great time.”

Student Life’s decision to take over film festivals from Student Government, according to Neil McDonough, Vice-President at the time, happened because of a budgeting dispute between Student Life and Student Government. Lidy Connolly confirmed, “It was a budgeting issue in the general running of the film festival.” 

After the restructuring of Student Life, Grace Reding, President at the time, said, “it no longer made sense for those responsibilities [the film festival] to fall to Student Life since its not really the same kind of entity anymore.”

The Neri Film Festival is planned for March 10th in the Soundstage. There will be food and drink provided. The deadline for projects to be submitted is March 3rd, 2019.

McCloskey concluded, “Go to the event if you want to experience some great films and music video. Come experience some Neri Joy!”

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