Obtaining a Business Minor is Easy

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Obtaining a Business Minor is Easy

After taking seven required business classes within JPCatholic’s core curriculum, students only need two more classes to obtain a business minor: Accounting I, and either Finance I or Accounting II. 

Keenan Wostenberg, Senior in Media Communications, did not know about the business minor option until it was too late to fit it into his schedule. “I think that the best thing to fix is the communication from the registration and students, and helping find great opportunities that this school can provide for us.”

When asked why they don’t increase the required number of business classes to nine and grant everyone a business minor, Nicholas Heye replied, “Accounting and Finance aren’t really relevant for most students.” He continued, “Decisions Based on Data is the gen-ed equivalent of Accounting and Finance. Increasing the number of required classes would increase complaints. But people who want to go above and beyond still have that option.”

“There are seven [business] classes we [faculty] want all students to know. JPCatholic has a keen interest on practicality,” said Heye. 

A business minor will not show up on a diploma, but if a student wants to earn one, it is a great resume addition. Adjunct Accounting Professor Jean Streicher confirmed, “A business minor is something that can be included in a resume when seeking a new job and can be discussed in an interview… It also can give a job candidate an advantage over another candidate who may not have a minor when applying for jobs.”

Finance I and Accounting II are being offered in Spring Quarter. Accounting I is not currently scheduled for the remainder of this academic year. 

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