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Spotlight Series Shows off Senior Project

This past Sunday, the JPCatholic broadcasting club showed off seven senior projects currently in the works at the school.

Roy is a science-fiction drama about true love and the effects of violence. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world. A cold and cruel world, it has cultural clashes throughout the story. It highlights on sacrificial love and what that means in a science-fiction setting. Created by the writer and director Joseph Fifelski, the setting is primarily in a high-tech workshop located inside a barn. “We are playing with a lot of retro 20’s styling right now, lot of really interesting camera effects that should be really cool.”

Merrick Carlyle Has a Problem is a story about a peaceful sociopath named Merrick Caryle. She lives her life with no empathy or emotions, and is faced with a problem when her awkward classmate Isaac falls in love with her.

The game Shepherd of Light is based on the story of the good shepherd in scripture and inspired by the style of the Valve Corporation’s game Portal. The story is about a Good Shepherd who would sacrifice everything to save one sheep. It tells of a journey of a Shepherd collecting his flock in an unknown land.

Imogene is the story of a high school drop-out who commits petty crimes in her free time. Imogene is told by her mom to leave town and is no longer welcome at her home as she is a bad influence on her brother Quinn. While on her own, she plans a heist of a local record store to steal a vintage recording of “The Punk 5” hoping to sell it and earn enough money to survive.

Grey Matters is a story based on the Steven King novel of the same name. It is centered around the idea of when do you stop a friend from hurting themselves. Promising to be a horror thriller, Director Keenan Wostenberg takes a lot of inspiration from movies such as The Shining and IT.

Code Name Leto is an action-packed story about a high school girl’s interactions with her mom. The main character Ardsley is inspired by action, and sees her stay-at-home mom, Kathy, as weak. Through a series of bad choices, it’s revealed that her mom might not be all that it seems. Kathy is a retired assassin who must defend her family from her old team who believed her dead.

Unspoken is a short film that brings awareness to father/son relationships. The film addresses the frustrations of broken communication and deception within these relationships as well as the beauty of when they are overcome. The story follows Kyle Parsons, the 19-year-old son of an ex-boxing champion, as he tries to gather money to pay for his poor father’s lung treatment by participating in underground fights. Writer Andrew Ascough said “My hope for the film is that it inspires young men and their fathers to think about their relationships. It’s going to be gritty, painful, heartfelt, beautiful, and real.”

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