Student Mural Covered in 155 Building

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Student Mural Covered in 155 Building

The mural in the 155 building by Caitlin Nolan has been replaced by a red wall with wood paneling. This wood paneling has also been put in the cubbies outside Classroom M. 

Nolan was not informed that her mural was being covered up. “Obviously, I’m saddened,” she commented. “It’s been only a few months and I don’t understand why the change happened. Ultimately, it’s their wall… so there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“The mural was always a temporary project,” says Lidy Connolly. “The wall is going to be used to highlight senior projects and will change annually. This way, the work of many more students will be featured, not just one. We always welcome input from students.”

“I am disappointed that Caiti’s work was removed,” Professor Max Hulburt said. “She is a talented artist, and her mural added a cool flavor to that section of the school.”

Some students raised concern over the school financing this change. “The school needs to be prioritizing a chapel,” says Riley Brown. “We are a Catholic school, after all. The fact that they keep spending money on unnecessary things shows a lack of foresight. We need to get a good infrastructure going first before we worry about stuff like [the wood paneling].”

Kevin Meziere, Head of Facilities, had this to say: “We were going to add the wood paneling to both the cubicles upstairs and the back wall as part of our preventative maintenance. Both the hallway and the cubicle wall are high damage areas that need constant patching and painting. Adding a harder surface that can be can have scuff marks easily removed helps to lower the maintenance cost of the building.”

There are many more changes planned for the aesthetics of the 155 building. All of these changes come out of the facilities budget, which is separate from the academic budget and the general fund. 

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