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Business Hub Becoming Exclusive

32 signatures were gathered by Kyle Lavin from business students petitioning to give business students exclusive key card access to the Business Hub. The door is currently open to all students and the promised renovations incomplete.

Lavin created the petition to illustrate what the business students were originally expecting and what was currently lacking. The petition included 32 signatures out of the 42 business undergrad students and nine MBA students. “Ultimately it was to convey where we were at and what we expected. Asking that what we were promised to be delivered.”

Exclusive key card access for business students was already a part of the plan for the Business Hub. No set date for completion was given to the students. The intent of Lavin’s petition was to request that the changes of the Business Hub be initiated.

Dr. Connolly’s response was that the doors will not be locked until next quarter. “It will be restricted to business students by next quarter. I doubt it will be that way by April 1st, but will be by May 1st.”

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