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Prison Ministry Opportunity

Students at JPCatholic are welcome to volunteer at St. Dismas Guild, a Catholic non-profit organization inspired by the works of St. Teresa of Calcutta and founded by Deacon Ken Finn and his wife Marie in 1989 to spread the word of God to the imprisoned. 

Austin Schneider, Director of Campus Ministry, said, “I think this would be a great thing for students to get involved with. People in prison are often overlooked. This is a good opportunity for households to complete their quarterly service event.”

Volunteers communicate with the imprisoned through writing letters. This can be done anonymously. “Receiving letters can really help the imprisoned. They are the poorest of the poor in our community. They don’t have much more to look forward to,” said Scott Schafer, Chairman on the Board of Directors.

“We can always use more help. Not only from mentors, but those who can maintain our website and communicate with Deacons throughout the country to distribute our newsletter to the prisons in our community.”

Together, Deacon Ken and Marie published a Catholic bible study called “The Bread of Life”. This study is distributed free of charge to prisoners and comes with a Catholic Bible, the Catechism, and a monthly newsletter that includes testimonials from other prisoners who have been touched by God. Mentors are also available to prisoners if they wish.

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