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Student Call Center Closes

As of Friday, March 15th the Student Call Center will close.

According to Martin Harold, Director of Admissions, it was a “very difficult decision to make.” The Admissions Department told their student workers on February 20th, giving them about a month to find other employment.

“Deb Culbertson has been very proactive in reaching out to the student callers to help them transition,” said Harold. 

There were two reasons for the decision, according to Harold. The first being that, during the Winter Quarter, there is less of a need for a Call Center. At this time, prospective students have already chosen their schools for Fall 2019, and high schoolers in their junior year have not yet reached out to schools. Additionally, there’s been an “increase in [the] number of applied and accepted students.” Because student workers can’t access application info, says Harold, they aren’t able to engage these applicants properly. 

The second reason is budgetary. Harold says their printing of viewbooks doubled, as they “had more information requests this past year than [we] forecasted at the beginning of the budget cycle.” And so, in January, their mailing costs were much higher than anticipated. Ending the Call Center, says Harold, “closes the budget gap, and creates the opportunity to potentially hire a full-time representative.”

Harold is currently interviewing candidates for the new Admissions Representative position, for “more full-time admissions bandwidth” and  to fill the immediate need of “reaching applied and accepted students.”

There’s a possibility that the Call Center will return in the Fall. Although, there is no guarantee, as “the budget for next year has not been established”. 

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