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Households Live Together

by Martin Garcia

Beginning this Fall quarter, JPCatholic households are highly encouraged to live in the same units, and are required to live in a unit with at least one member of their household.

Having households live together will be determined “not by invitation, but by expectation,” says Kyle Lavin. He believes households can develop deeper bonds with each other and with Christ if they live together. Lavin and the former household heads have been thinking about this for some time and are excited to finally move forward.

Austin Schneider, Director of Campus Ministry, added, “The close proximity makes it easier to pray, have meetings,” support each other and the like. He deems it necessary that households have their own space to live in community. “Living in community is like holding a mirror to yourself,” Schneider asserts. “[There is] lots of potential for formation.”

The expectation is that all households will be living together in Fall of 2020. At minimum, each of them will at least have one full unit, and every member will be living with another member of their household.

For this year, Fall 2019, their only requirement is to live with one other household member. However, both Lavin and Schneider highly encourage all households to live together as soon as possible. Their vision is that household members will become better witnesses to the university and, in Lavin’s words, have “more intentional growth, accountability, [and] community.”

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