Madelyn Peterson Replaces Maria Hotovy

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Madelyn Peterson Replaces Maria Hotovy

by Thomas Barrows

Alumnus Madelyn Peterson has been hired as the new Visit Coordinator. The search for a replacement occurred when Maria Hotovy resigned from the position. 

As Visit Coordinator, Madelyn Peterson will orchestrate schedules for prospective students, match up hosting ambassadors with prospective students, guide them around campus and chat with them over lunch. Martin Harold, Vice President of Admissions, added, “In addition to that role, she will also assist prospective students at every stage of their journey in discovering if JPCatholic is right for them.” 

Madelyn Peterson graduated from JPCatholic last quarter and so she believes she can bring a unique perspective to the job. “I love doing this type of stuff. I love showing students around [the university] and meeting new people.” she said. 

“We are thrilled to have Madelyn Peterson join our Admissions team,” said Harold. He continued, “When she was a student here, she really impressed us through her work as a Student Ambassador as well as her accomplishments in the classroom.” 

Herald concluded, “We are profoundly grateful for all of Maria Hotovy’s work over the past year and a half and the innumerable ways in which she advanced our mission to Impact Culture for Christ. She created a visit process that will certainly endure for years to come. While we’re sad to not have her presence in the office anymore, we’re excited for her new career opportunity and glad that she will continue to be part of the JPCatholic community.”

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