Student Government Elections Tomorrow

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Student Government Elections Tomorrow

Student Government elections will be taking place for the positions of President and Vice President on Friday, April 12th. Student Government will proceed from there as a semi-autonomous entity.

“They are the Student Government; they are going to be running it,” said Lidy Connolly, VP of Administration. Mrs. Connolly will be organizing the upcoming election but will step back after the new officers are elected. It will then be the responsibility of the new elected leaders to choose their cabinet and elect new class representatives according to the process outlined in the Student Government Constitution.

New elected leaders will also have the opportunity to amend the constitution, the process for which is outlined in Part IV of the constitution. Essentially, the new government will function independently of school administration. They will be given a budget to work with and its use will not be overseen.

Mrs. Connolly hopes that the new government will establish a precedent of consistent and effective meetings. Ultimately, it will be the responsibility of the student body to hold their government accountable. The student body chooses whom to elect, and it is the students’ duty to ensure that the government is functioning effectively and using funds appropriately.

There are two tickets in the race for President/Vice President tomorrow. Carlos Gutierrez and Max Massell are running against Matthew Middendorf and Kaitlyn Krikorian.

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