Student Transfers to JPCatholic After Art Institute Closes

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Student Transfers to JPCatholic After Art Institute Closes

by JP Huckins 

Margaret Rodriguez transferred to JPCatholic from the Art Institute’s Southern California campus after the college shut down. 

When asked about the Art Institute closing its doors, she said that none of the students saw it coming. “It was a rumor on Monday and by Friday we were out.” She continued, “At the college fair, there were a lot of flashy colleges in places like San Francisco that were top choices for many students there. I supposed I was going to have to make it work, but right before I left, I saw the JPC booth and after talking to your representative, I knew that this was my next step…I just knew.”

Being surrounded by the arts for most of her developing years, she found a passion for illustration at a very early age. She was born in Mexico and raised in San Diego, California. “Both my parents are artists in their own right,” she said. “My dad was a photographer for an Argentinian magazine and my mom worked with ceramic and oil and acrylic paints.” 

With her parents constant support, Ms. Rodriguez attended an artistic project-based charter high school, High Tech High Chula Vista. She received an associates degree in Graphic Design from community college after graduating high school. To further continue her college education, she decided on the Art Institute, because they had an animation program close to her home and they were known for helping students land internships in their respective fields.

“While at AI, I had a good time.” Margaret said, “The environment was friendly, although very laid back. It’s a little bit of a ‘culture shock’ to see how structured and rigorous the courses are here at JPCatholic with their homework.”

Margaret is a Communications Media major at JPCatholic and will be studying Illustration. She also enjoys reading and going out in her free time.

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