New Officials Hold First Town Hall Meeting

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New Officials Hold First Town Hall Meeting

“We’re going to really pressure administration to get some of this stuff done before we graduate,” said Matthew Middendorf, Student Government President. Middendorf and Kaitlyn Krikorian, Vice President, held their first open town hall meeting in the Student Life Center on April 30th at 7PM.

Students attending were asked to speak about their ideas, questions, or concerns. Topics of conversation ranged from student schedules and graduating on time, to renewing open mic nights and university dances.

The officials brought up ideas including a student refrigerator in Student Life Center and a reliable bulletin board of upcoming events and important dates. Those in attendance also discussed creating a website that could house all student-important links and brainstormed the feasibility of open inter-visitation hours on Sundays.

Student Government officials stated they intend to send out an email to the student body with a range of the ideas discussed. They intend to hold town hall meetings monthly.

Eleven students were in attendance, including officials.

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