RAs are Now Ambassadors

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RAs are Now Ambassadors
The decision to give Residential Assistants their own bedroom is being reconsidered by JPCatholic administration after students selected housing through Room Choice.

Admissions and Residential Life’s decision was to utilize RAs as Student Ambassadors, providing them a single room with an extra bed for hosting prospective students.

“From a financial standpoint, it’s a decision [RAs having their own bedrooms] that doesn’t make sense,” Jonathan Sperling, Director of Residential Life, said. “If the RAs get their own rooms, that is ten empty spaces and with the number of students coming in next year, that means additional townhomes and apartments would have to be [leased] that we currently don’t have,” commented Sperling. 

Regarding RA’s current housing choice Sperling said, “I can only assume that Room Choice would be open again so that students can have another opportunity to arrange things. Nothing is final now. It still is all up in the air.”

According to Sperling, RAs are now ambassadors. “An RA can provide a really good experience for a prospective student.” Non-RA ambassadors will continue to host prospective students as well.

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