Perch Opens Liquor Locker for 21+ Students

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Perch Opens Liquor Locker for 21+ Students

For students who want to store their alcohol at Latitude without infringing on the university’s dry campus rule, the Liquor Locker, a locked cabinet located at the Perch, is now open. Students 21-years-old and older may check their alcohol in and out for use according to page 11 of the JPCatholic Handbook.

There are limitations to the use of the new liquor locker. A student must be of the legal drinking age in order to check alcohol in to the locker. Anyone who has alcohol they would like to store in the locker may contact the RA in charge of the Perch that day. The RA will ask for ID to not only prove that you are of legal drinking age, but also to notate who’s alcohol is in the locker. This prevents underage consumption of alcohol, and also averts anyone else from checking out someone else’s alcohol.

Drinking hours at the Cabana are 5pm to 10pm; students may check alcohol out of the locker as early as 5pm and must have their alcohol checked back in by 10pm.

If all the alcohol that a student checked out was consumed during drinking hours, they still must check the empty bottles back into the locker. This is to ensure no one is storing any remaining alcohol in their living quarters. If students don’t check in the empty containers, they will be contacted by the RA in charge of the Perch. Students not checking their alcohol back into the locker may be susceptible to fines or losing liquor locker privileges.

In an interview with RA Clare Schmidt, she said “[RA’s] aren’t going to go liquor hunting if you’re a few minutes late to turning the alcohol back in… but if it’s time to close the Perch and someone still hasn’t turned in their liquor, then we will reach out to them.” She wants to make sure students realize the school trusts them. Clare said “We want [the students] to just be adult about this… the university is still a dry campus, but we want the students to have the freedom to drink where they are allowed to drink. If this gets abused too much, then they are showing as a student body that they aren’t mature enough to have these privileges.”


Photo by Rebecca Knebelsberger

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