Registrar’s Office Moved

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Registrar’s Office Moved

During Easter break, the Registrar’s office and Financial Aid department moved to the 220 building. Both offices are now on the north side of the building, adjacent to the Finance department’s office.

Registrar Nick Heye, said “I think that this is going to be a more efficient way of running things; now when a student has to change a class and meet with the finance department, they don’t have to keep running in between buildings.” He continued, “The front desk is also a much more comfortable waiting area for students that need to meet with myself or any of the other departments. Instead of a hallway, they have chairs to wait in.”

No formal announcement has been made on the use of the former Registrar and Financial Aid offices in the 200 building.

A final thought from Nick Heye, “I just want everyone to know my new location, and don’t forget to register for classes.” Class registration closes on Monday, May 20th.



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