Households Respond to Changes

Households Respond to Changes

On Thursday, May 9th, Austin Schneider, Head of Campus Ministry, held an all-households meeting to “achieve better clarity about the households and to establish more communication going forward,” after some confusion over a shift in household standards.

“The meeting was in response to some accusations, some questions, some concerns, that were brought about when it was announced that households would be living together,” said Kyle Lavin. “Over the past several weeks, there were a lot of misunderstandings brought to light, and we wanted to have a meeting to bring clarity to what households are at JPCatholic.”

According to Schneider, the changes are that households will live together in the fall, and that household heads are required to have one weekly adoration slot. “There were a lot of heads of households that approached the Household Team, with concerns about the changes. Everything else was just enforcement on what was already expected,” said Lavin. 

“At first, I was actually against [households living together],” said Eva Mangels, head of Theta Chi Rho. However, she now hopes that living together will cause the members to grow more attached to Theta. “It’s not just going to be something that they do on the side or go to whenever they want to, it’ll be something that just becomes part of their everyday life.”

Another example of concern came from a letter sent from the heads of Neri household, Matthew Middendorf and Abraham McCloskey. In the letter, they expressed that they had “become very concerned for the future of household culture on campus.” The Pelican News later reached out to the Neri heads for a statement: “The Neri house collectively supports Austin and the household team and what they are trying to accomplish for the school. They put in a lot of hard work, and we are grateful for what they do.”

Rebecca Knebelsberger, co-head of Laudare et Glorificare, said, “I think it [households living together] really makes sense; it’s in the name ‘household’. It wouldn’t make sense if they weren’t moving that direction from the beginning…I think there’s definitely a big possibility for us to lose more members, but if we do, I think that after these changes, we will be stronger.”

“We’re taking some kind of big steps to really bring that [household] vision to fruition,” concluded Schneider, “Even if there’s some growing pains right now and some frustrations as we figure it out, I think in the long run it will really make households stronger.”

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