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The Greenhouse Arts and Media, Inc. hosted the Hollywood Connect: Navigation Session on May 18th at Netflix, Inc. The event is put on by Shun Lee Fong, President and Creative Director of The Greenhouse, in order to connect new artists with information and resources that will help them settle in Los Angeles. 

The event began with an introduction by Mr. Fong and Greenhouse member Raychel McKelvy. They talked about traits artists need to focus on while working in Los Angeles like creativity, professionalism, and intellectualism.

The next section of the event was a mixer between the attendees. Each group was asked questions regarding what to do in the area, how they could find extra income, and resources to stay up-to-date with the entertainment industry. 

The final section was a Q&A panel with four industry professionals: producer Carrie Lynn Certa, actor DaJuan Johnson, actress Abbie Cobb, and screenwriter Thomas Brandon. They gave their insight on the current state of the industry and tips on surviving during the first year in Los Angeles. Some insight included standing by one’s morals, don’t be afraid to walk out, and taking every opportunity to volunteer if possible.

Hollywood Connect: Navigation Session events occur every three to four months.


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